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1Call products will streamline your hospital call center communications, improve your overall performance, and reduce your costs.

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Why 1Call

AMTELCO's 1Call Division is dedicated to serving the unique call center and communication needs of Healthcare and Higher Education facilities. 1Call has been and will continue to be the leader in developing, implementing, and maintaining features and technology designed to streamline communications and contain costs.
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    Donna Jones, Manager of PBX & Information

    The University of Tennessee Medical Center

    Knoxville, Tennessee

    The installation by AMTELCO was fabulous and the AMTELCO folks were just great. When I talk to folks, I always compliment AMTELCO’s service. I just feel like the technicians and trainers are always there for me. If I have a question, I just send it off to the trainers and someone always gets back with me. If they can’t answer my question, we set up a time to talk. They will remote in, show me what’s going on and what I need to do. As far as service, we’ve rarely had a real issue with the AMTELCO product. Any time I’ve ever had to call them, they get right in there and take care of the problem...

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