Hospital Communications

When a healthcare system wants to streamline their communication protocols and workflows to improve the patient experience, it’s imperative that they include their call centers in the process. Hospital call center operators directly correspond with patients and medical staff across enterprises and become a crucial communication link. Our customizable software applications are used by organizations of all sizes, to help overcome communication barriers in healthcare.

Our hospital call center customers report reduced caller wait times, quick and accurate communication with on-call staff, and improved code call handling when using 1Call software. Medical staff rely on our secure messaging app, telehealth capabilities, and EMR integrations that streamline workflows and reduce alarm fatigue.


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More Than Medical Call Center Software

Hospitals and clinics throughout the world use 1Call products in their medical call centers and also within their care settings. Our software helps to streamline workflows and improve communications for on-call scheduling and workforce management, personnel directories, emergency notifications, patient monitoring, smart hospital technology, EMR integration, web-based communication, and secure messaging.

Healthcare organizations rely on these various systems to provide functionality in many different departments. Unfortunately, the technology often doesn’t work together because these solutions are from different vendors and rely on different data sources.

1Call’s software solutions can bring all of these different systems together to improve interoperability and enhance patient care. Our integration engine bridges communication gaps between disparate technologies throughout a healthcare system. This enables data from EMR HL7 messages, ADT messages, smart beds, nurse calls, appointment desks, housekeeping, system-wide alerts and more to be instantly sent to appropriate staff via the technology already used by the organization – such as Vocera badges or IP phones from Cisco and Spectralink, SMS, e-mail; or via 1Call’s HIPAA-compliant miSecureMessages secure messaging app.

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Improve Care Communications with Web-Based Applications

Enhance healthcare collaboration with 1Call’s web-based applications, that give nurses, physicians, and other staff members remote access to on-call schedules, staff directories, messages, reports, call logs, and more. Our web and mobile applications help deliver a better patient experience with reliable, secure web-based clinical communication.


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Our Customer Support Promise

There are other companies with similar products, but few can offer the exceptional customer support we give to our customers. We understand that healthcare CIOs, CTOs, and IT managers are under tremendous pressure to do more with smaller budgets and staff, and it’s paramount that they have a reliable communications partner.

We don’t treat our customers like numbers with support tickets or tier our support. All customers receive the same quick, professional service. Each system is backed with our own, in-house field engineering department that is dedicated to making sure our customer’s systems are running smoothly year after year. We also offer Contracted Services to help hospital call center staff who are planning large projects, by providing trusted communication technology resources and assistance during acquisitions, mergers, growth, future development, and more.

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1Call has been fantastic. They have been more of a business partner than I think any vendor I've ever dealt with - and I've worked in IT for over 30 years.

— Kathy Mealer, IS Manager, West Tennessee Healthcare

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By encrypting your information, miSecureMessages helps ensure that your data remains confidential. Security, privacy, and speed of message delivery are becoming critical to managing workflows in every industry.

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