Hospitals Agree, 1Call Is The Right Call.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the world turn to 1Call to solve their medical call center, personnel scheduling, call handling, secure messaging, voice processing, conference calling and emergency notifications needs. Because of 1Call’s high customer satisfaction rankings, hospitals continually recommend 1Call to other healthcare organizations and have since 1976.


Hospitals and healthcare organizations rely on different systems to provide functionality in different areas to different departments. From personnel scheduling, call handling, and secure messaging to emergency notifications. All of these moving parts are vital to daily operations.

Yet, all too often, the solutions are from different vendors, rely on different data sources, and they don't work together. Adding to the complexity, the healthcare environment faces challenges such as regulatory compliance, rising costs, and an increasingly mobile staff. When your disparate systems can't talk to each other, how do you get the right message to the right person on the right device at the right time?

What's needed is one source of truth. 1Call offers a comprehensive product suite for clinical communications, including on call scheduling, HIPAA-compliant messaging, call handling, automated notifications, EMR integration, and more. Now you can handle calls intelligently with reduced transfer times and improved customer satisfaction. Streamline hospital wide communications, improve workflows to reduce to alarm fatigue, ensure accurate and accessible scheduling and maintain personal data privacy with HIPAA-compliant secure messaging. Today's healthcare environment is complex, fast paced, and mobile. Requiring solutions that work together, bring order to chaos, and unify clinical communications and care teams, allowing your healthcare organization to achieve the best patient care for your community.

Hospitals agree. 1Call is the right call. To learn more, please contact us today to request a live demo.

With MergeComm, Hospitals Take Notice 

MergeComm is an event notification software system designed specifically to merge and expedite enterprise-wide communications in healthcare environments. MergeComm captures requests from hospital systems, such as EMR HL7 messages, NurseCall messages, alerts, alarms, orders, and appointments. Notifications are then instantly sent to the designated recipients using a wide variety of methods, including 1Call’s miSecureMessages HIPAA-compliant encrypted messaging Apps, as well as Vocera badges, IP phones from Cisco and Spectralink, SMS, e-mail, and more.



In a world of standardization, we’re the one company that specializes in customization.

No two healthcare organizations are alike, no two patients are either, and for that matter, no two members of your staff are the same. Why then would a one-size- fits-all, straight off the shelf call center solution be right for any hospital? It wouldn’t. 

At 1Call, we give our customers the tools to customize many of our solutions so they fit your exact needs. You’re not forced to go back to a provider for costly customization projects. For instance, with our Call Flow Scripting solution, you can customize any type of script you need for any department including different scripts for every physician.

Customize your call center


The Only Call Center Scripting in the Industry.

Call center operators in the healthcare industry get up to speed faster with best-practice responses by utilizing 1Call’s flexible calling scripts. With our multi-channel collaboration tools, we make it easy for hospitals to process calls quickly, with reduced calling errors, and better customer service from any device. 1Call is the only company in the healthcare industry with a customizable Call Flow Scripting solution.

On Call Scheduling With Ease

On call Scheduling has never been so easy. Instantly contact the correct on-call personnel from your mobile device, your desktop, or via the Web. It’s easy to setup and maintain..

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

Your smartphone can be a HIPAA Compliant liability. With 1Call’s miSecureMessages solution, you can text message freely because all data is encrypted and remains confidential.

Emergency Notifications Solutions

Our automated emergency Notifications tools and reminder technology solutions provide hospitals with alerts for general emergencies, external disasters, meeting reminders and special events. 

customer support

Customer Support Has Reached a Whole New Level

Each 1Call system comes with the benefit of AMTELCO’s years of experience in the field of call handling and messaging. Thousands of 1Call and AMTELCO systems are in operation around the world, 24 hours each day. Since 1976, we’ve been a service leader and in our last independent customer satisfaction survey, 97% of the respondents said our service and support was excellent. * We look forward to providing your healthcare organization with this same level of service.

*AMTELCO Satisfaction Research Study conducted by TMA+Peritus, February 2015

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Switching to 1Call is Easy

Healthcare organizations switch to the 1Call solution all the time. And it’s no wonder. With our customizable hospital call center solutions, our high levels of customer satisfaction, and quality support services, we’re in a class by ourselves. The top of the class. Learn how easy it is to switch to 1Call today by reading our case study. 

Read our case study

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Secure Messaging with miSecureMessages

By encrypting your information, miSecureMessages helps ensure that your data remains confidential. Security, privacy, and speed of message delivery are becoming critical to managing workflows in every industry.

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