1Call Announces Major Update for Transformer

The 1Call Division of AMTELCO is pleased to announce a major update to the capabilities of the Transformer data importing utility. This new tool features an improved user interface, along with many new capabilities, saving countless hours for new 1Call customers, as well as current customers that are upgrading to newer platforms such as Genesis.

The Transformer speeds and simplifies the process of moving data by using a set of utilities to import:

  •   Data, including SQL, LDAP, and delimited files
  •   Directories
  •   On-Call Schedules
  •   ACD Tables
  •   Agent Settings
  •   Client Information
  •   Greetings
  •   Images

These utilities are run separately, and include the ability for users to determine how the source data will be transformed.

Vice President of Research and Development, Kevin Beale, commented, “Our software engineers have spent many hours refining the Transformer tools to meet current and future customer needs. The result is a new streamlined process that has impressed many customers who have already used it!”

For more information on the updated Transformer, contact 1Call at (800)225-6035, or
e-mail info@1call.com.


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