1Call-Training and Customer Support 2017


Holly Ritchison: I've attended several Amtelco conferences over the years, two times now with the 1Call for the hospitals. I find that's very beneficial because the group is a little smaller than some of the big national conferences. I like to go away with ... I've got contact names and numbers. You remember that one person that knew something that now you need some help with. You really do build a lot of great relationships.

Mary Hutchinson: I think for healthcare, this is a conference that they need to come to. I think it helps give them a background of the new items that are within Amtelco along with working with others and networking with peers that are within the industry to help.

Greg Gard: No matter what you're doing with your personal life in terms of charity work, community service, those things, you have an impact on people and you help people in some way, shape or form.

Luke Barthel: Seems like a great group of people. You guys come here to have some fun as well as learn about new products.

Mary Hutchinson: Thank you of the opportunity. I think Amtelco is a great company. It's been a great partnership for these many, many years. Conferences are great and I hope you continue to have these and build on them.

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