AMTELCO’s 1Call Division Partners with Saudico Electronic Systems (SES) to Provide Healthcare Communications Solutions in Saudi Arabia

AMTELCO’s 1Call Division and Saudico Electronic Systems (SES) have established a partnership for distributing 1Call healthcare communications products in Saudi Arabia.

SES is a leading IT company that has been in business for over 30 years and is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They will work with 1Call to provide healthcare organizations in the area with 1Call products which include PC attendant consoles, scheduling software, call center software and secure messaging apps.

“This new Partnership between SES and AMTELCO will expedite efficient and critical communications to healthcare organizations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Tom Curtin, AMTELCO president. Curtin also states,” We are fortunate to be working with SES which has been an IT leader in the Saudi Arabia for decades.”

Soufyan Al Kabbani, General Manager of SES states SES is looking forward to this new partnership with AMTELCO, bringing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia state of the art communications solutions to the healthcare sector that will streamline business processes, enhance operational efficiency and ultimately deliver better service to the users and patients.

As part of the partnership SES will facilitate the process of integrating Amtelco products with existing and new SES IT customers.

For additional Information contact Jean-Paul Maas Vice President, International Sales at 312.535.1359 send him and email at

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