Efficient Communications-Steps for Automating, Streamlining and Improving Healthcare Communications (Part 4)

Solutions for Improving Communications
The most viable and impactful approach to solving communication inefficiencies at healthcare organizations is to combine standardized communication training with streamlined communication technology. A two-part solution takes into the reality of healthcare operations. Human care providers are essential to providing compassionate, empathetic care and yet they are also prone to fatigue, flawed assumptions, and human error.

Technology can help remove opportunities for human error throughout the patient’s journey through the healthcare system. Staff training can help bridge the remaining gap.

Communications Technology

Healthcare organizations should leverage technology at every level of their institution to automate, streamline, and improve communication. At the point-of-care level, healthcare organizations can use technology to improve the legibility and thoroughness of provider documentation, provide HIPAA compliant text messaging between care team members, send secure notifications to clinicians, and much more.

Healthcare organizations can also embed technology throughout their organizational infrastructure to capture efficiency gains in perhaps unexpected places.

For example, healthcare organizations can turn to products that automate communication throughout their organization such as by:

  • Automatically messaging building personnel notifications when a thermostat malfunctions
  • Automatically sending a secure message to housekeeping when a patient is discharged and a room is ready for cleaning


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