1Call Announces Keynote Speaker for 1Call Leadership Conference and Training Seminar

The 1Call Division of AMTELCO is pleased to announce that Chad Kopitzke of NeXtGen Advantage will be the keynote speaker for the Eleventh Annual 1Call Leadership Conference and Training Seminar. The seminar will be held September 12-14, 2017, at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club, located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

Mr. Kopitzke will share his expertise on overcoming one of the greatest challenges facing our workforce today as he discusses “Generations Collide: A look at common generational differences, and how to engage across the gaps to generate valuable ideas for an organization’s long-term success.” Mr. Kopitzke’s knowledge about this subject comes from hands-on experience, with 12 years of managing internship programs at a state university, as well as from various statistics and studies. He focuses on helping generations connect, rather than collide.

In addition to the keynote speaker, additional topics for this year’s conference and seminar include:


·        How to Develop an Organization-Wide Call Center

·        How To Transition Multiple Hospitals to Intelligent Series

·        Utilizing Web Chat

·        What’s New? The 1Call Road Map

·        Genesis: A New Beginning!

·        Your Scripts – Your Way

·        IS Scripting Basics

·        IS Directories

·        IS On-Call

·        Application Maintenance


For information on the 2017 1Call Leadership Conference and Training Seminar, contact 1Call at 800.225.6035, visit http://1call.com/1Call-Seminar-2017 or e-mail seminars@1call.com.

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