Spotlight on 1Call, A Division of AMTELCO (Part 4)

One Company, One Solution

The Software, Hardware, and Customer Support teams are located in the “Innovation Way” hallway at the Amtelco and 1Call home office. These teams work together closely, and when a question arises, it’s a quick walk down the hallway to find the solution. One company, one solution; proudly located in the USA!

Recent Innovations

As customers have come to expect, Amtelco and 1Call continue creating innovative solutions. In addition to Infinity, Intelligent Series, Soft Agent, and miSecureMessages (all of which have seen many advancements in recent months), MergeComm is the newest innovation.

The MergeComm middleware solution is designed to automate communications throughout an organization, speeding response times to help organizations provide better patient care. MergeComm takes an incoming message, and uses a script to determine who needs to receive that message. MergeComm can receive a message from a wide variety of sources, including alarms, alerts, HL7 messages, nurse call, severe weather alerts, TCP, WCTP, and Web services. Notifications can be sent to an individual, to an entire group, or to the current on-call personnel. The notifications can be sent by e-mail, miSecureMessages, IP phones, pagers, phones, smart devices, SMS, Vocera badges, and more.

Stay Tuned…

As technology continues to evolve (and everyone knows it will!), and as customers have new communication challenges, rest assured that 1Call and Amtelco will continue to develop new innovative solutions, as they have for 40 years!

* AMTELCO Satisfaction Research Study conducted by TMA+Peritus, February 2015.


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