Healthcare Facilities Utilize MergeComm to Enhance Clinical Communications

The 1Call Division of AMTELCO is pleased to announce that healthcare facilities are finding more ways to increase efficiency and improve patient care using MergeComm. 1Call’s MergeComm middleware event notification solution gives healthcare facilities a way to streamline the process of handling enterprise-wide clinical communications.

Healthcare facilities have recently reported using MergeComm to handle Nurse Call, Smart Beds, Telemetry, Medical Record Systems, Critical Lab Results, and more. MergeComm streamlines these processes by capturing requests from various hospital systems, and automates dispatching with escalation, confirmations, and retries. The ease of use, along with the extreme flexibility of MergeComm improve response times for care teams, helping healthcare organizations provide better care for their patients.

Vice President of Research and Development, Kevin Beale, stated, “We are seeing more and more organizations utilize MergeComm for unique situations, and MergeComm is providing those organizations with capabilities that result in faster and more efficient communications. We will continue to add enhancements to MergeComm, and look forward to seeing even more innovative ways our customers use this technology.”

For more information on MergeComm, contact 1Call at (800)225-6035, or e-mail

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