1Call Announces Brad Swift as a Contract Services Sales Manager


1Call is pleased to announce that the company is entering into a contract with Brad Swift, to support healthcare organizations and their growing need to quickly have access to the newest 1Call software features.

Brad will offer 1Call Contracted Services to help healthcare organizations get up-to-date with current technologies, assist with projects such as acquisitions and department mergers, and help with growth and future development.

“Brad had a successful 18-year sales career with us in the past, serving our customers in Canada,” said Tom Curtin, President of 1Call. “We are excited to begin this new partnership so that our customers will be able to outsource to 1Call to help get the work done that their healthcare systems cannot find resources for. This will open up new opportunities for our healthcare partners to be able to add even more call center processes to their 1Call call center system.”

“I’m looking forward to this new role,” Swift said. “When hospitals are unsure about the cost and liability that comes with hiring temporary in-house or contracted employees for their communications projects, I will be able to help – backed by 1Call resources, expertise, and personnel who are trained in accordance with HIPAA and HITRUST directives. There is a huge opportunity in our industry to help customers with services such as converting from legacy systems and transitioning to Intelligent Series and Genesis, system analysis, and future growth.”  

Hospitals and clinics consistently report that using 1Call’s enterprise-wide communication solutions leads to improved patient satisfaction, reduced operator training times, fewer communication errors, and increased productivity.

For more information about 1Call's Contracted Services, contact Brad Swift at 1-800-729-0752 or bswift@1call.com.


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