1Call-Training and Customer Support 2017


Holly Ritchison: I've attended several Amtelco conferences over the years, two times now with the 1Call for the hospitals. I find that's very beneficial because the group is a little smaller than some of the big national conferences. I like to go away with ... I've got contact names and numbers. You remember that one person that knew something that now you need some help with. You really do build a lot of great relationships.

Efficient Communications-Steps for Automating, Streamlining and Improving Healthcare Communications (Part 6)

Communication Training and Standardization

Technology is a crucial part of improving communication efficiency and accuracy. Healthcare organizations remain places where care is provided by humans, however, and staff training is an important part of any solution.

In addition to training staff on any new technology they interact with, it’s important to train care providers and hospital staff on communications skills so that handoffs and other forms of communication contain all of the necessary and relevant information.