Call Flow Scripting for Hospital Call Centers


Our innovative Call Flow Scripting solution automatically detects call flow and determines the scripting options for your operators based on your protocols.

Call flow scripts can be based on any information that is required including scripts for appointments, physician referrals, prescription renewal, scheduling, research, crises and emergencies, facility directions and much more.

In this series, we’re posting short snippets of video testimonials from some of our customers. Click on the photo to view the video and read the transcript below. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who agreed to share their experiences on video!

Linda Bigley, Call Centers Manager
The Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

“Before Amtelco, we used a home-grown messaging system that was used for physician answering service only and not operator services. So with Amtelco, that allowed us to integrate both messaging for physicians as well as operator services.”

Holly Ritchison, Communications Manager
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
Omaha, NE

“At Children's in the Communication Center, we offer obviously the main switchboard line we cover. We handle all of the inside calls from the hospital, seeking on-call, environmental services, any needs that they might handle or need. We also handle transport dispatch, so our dispatchers are responsible for initiating all the transports for our emergency crew via ambulance, roto wing, fixed wing. So at Children's, everything is scripted and the difference is like night and day for ease of use on the operator end.

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