How 1Call and Amtelco Earns Our 5-Star Customer Service Rating*


* AMTELCO Satisfaction Research Study conducted by TMA+Peritus, February 2015.

Assistance for your 1Call systems is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A one-year support agreement is included with each 1Call system, giving customers a toll-free number to call, as well as unlimited access to Amtelco’s Tech Helper Site to download manuals, software updates, and much more.

We encourage each organization to work closely with our team of consultants and engineers through each phase of system planning, configuration, and implementation. This helps ensure that your 1Call systems are at their optimum performance levels to meet all the communication needs of your organization.

In this series, we’re posting short snippets of video testimonials from some of our customers. Click on the photo to view the video and read the transcript below. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who agreed to share their experiences on video!

Gerald Brosseau, President
Always On Call
Concord, NH

“The Amtelco Customer Service Department, I'd say, is probably one of the greatest assets that Amtelco has. Undoubtedly, if there's ever a question or concern, whether it's the simplest question to your phone lines are down and you don't know what to do, Amtelco is always there. They are literally, as my business would say, always on call.

“When I first worked with field service, there were some things that we didn't know about our business. One of them being the old system we had had a limit on the amount of calls that it could take. When we first went on Infinity, I remember that first night and watching an entire T1 light up the boards. We couldn't even hand the traffic because we had never seen that kind of traffic. Automatically revenue went up, obviously.

“What was unique about it is I had to explain to field service, specifically Jody, you've got to help us. We can't handle the traffic. We got to slow things down a little bit and subsequently they went through and had product development create a feature. It's now a part of the Infinity system. They've nicknamed it the Gerald Brosseau feature. There is a feature that allows you to help control the call traffic through the system throttle in the case of an emergency like that. Ironically, we've never used it since because we've been able to figure out our staffing needs, but when you first cut over, you didn't know. That really showed us right there that we had made the right decision moving forward with Amtelco.

“When they would listen to us, not only just to hear us and understand our needs, but really go back and say you know what, we're committed to you and the future of our relationship. Let's see what we can do together and create a product or a feature that's going to work for us. Amtelco is excellent at that.

“They have an innovation machine where if you have questions or a need in your business, you submit a ticket and they will actively work on creating a feature based on the need of the industry and ultimately help evolve how we all do business.”

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