Keynote Speaker Announced for 1Call’s Leadership and Training Seminar


Keynote Speaker Announced for 1Call’s Leadership and Training Seminar

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Niraj (Raj) Nijawan will be the keynote speaker for our 13th Annual Leadership and Training Seminar, and will present “From Fearless to Fulfilled” to this year’s attendees.

Dr. Nijhawan is a practicing physician in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1992, and completed a medical residency in Anesthesiology/Critical Care at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

He received a National Institute of Health Scientist Training Grant and earned a Master’s Degree in clinical research, became a clinical scientist, and designed and conducted medical research. Dr. Nijawan is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry, and has built and administered several medical departments in a variety of hospitals and healthcare systems.

Dr. Nijhawan has spent nearly 30 years cataloging, practicing, teaching, and helping people integrate helpful, practical knowledge from the medical, social, and neuroscience fields into their lives. His acclaimed presentations to both healthcare and non-healthcare audiences have been described as life-changing.

For more information visit our Events page, contact 1Call at 800-225-6035, or e-mail Visit our conference on Eventbrite to register.

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