MergeComm - Middleware that Bridges the Gap Between Different Communication Platforms


MergeComm is an integration engine (middleware) that integrates with endpoint devices and HL7 to connect disparate communication software from different companies.

MergeComm interfaces with alarms, nurse-on-call, automated alerts, critical lab results, etc. so they work together to add functionality and improve workflows.

In this series, we’re posting short snippets of video testimonials from some of our customers. Click on the photo to view the video and read the transcript below. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who agreed to share their experiences on video!

Alicia Wise, IS Project Coordinator
AnMed Health
Anderson, SC

“With MergeComm we're looking to automate our nuclear medicine program and procedures where when a patient is ordered for a test the night before, we're able to automatically email or fax that information to the vendor that provides us with our isotopes and different things needed for that procedure for the next morning.

“These require great resources and are also costly and having that information relayed automatically helps to speed up the process for the patient but yet, and generate revenue, but yet save the cost of having things put on hold or standby because the communication didn't happen.”

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