Part 3 of 5: Busy PANs and Communication Gaps


A major healthcare system in the Midwest was experiencing a communications gap with their patient admitting process. When one of their affiliate clinics determines that a patient needs to be admitted to a hospital, the clinic calls the nearest or appropriate hospital within the system for assistance.  

When clinics call the admitting number, they are actually speaking to Patient Advocate Nurses (PAN), who are also trauma nurses. In addition to receiving trauma and emergency calls, the PANs are often away from their desk to locate doctors, rooms, equipment, help patients check-in, and more.

These nurses are handling multiple tasks and triage and need to stay mobile. Instead of using a desk phone to take calls, they were often using their cell phones. However, the use of cell phones presented multiple challenges and was causing delays in patient services, inefficient use of staff time, and loss of referral income.

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