Part 5 of 5: Helping PANs with Integrated Communications Software


1Call suggested replacing the cell phones with a laptop or tablet, installed with their desktop agent call center software. Using the highly portable laptop instead of a cell phone enabled PANs to maintain their mobility, and offered the flexibility of transferring calls from a desktop to the tablet when needed.

The PANs now have all of the resources available to them that a hospital call center agent would have, including: access to electronic health records in the EMR database, call recording, call look-up, the ability to handle up to six calls, the use of call scripts, reporting, and more.

If a PAN is called away or if their shift is ending, they have the ability to transfer calls with all documentation and history or pass a call to another PAN. In practice, the PAN is just transferring a voice but in actuality all of the notes, reporting, on-call info, history, and messages are being transferred as well.

Improving Workflows with Technology

Technology can assist nurses with their enhanced roles and help them provide the best patient experience possible. Using customized communications software to consolidate and improve processes, enables staff to do more while easing the strain of additional job duties. Patients benefit from the effects of streamlined workflows and accurate transfer of health record information.

Hospital systems are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Integrating enterprise-wide communications tools help healthcare systems operate more efficiently, lower operating costs, and lead to better outcomes.


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