Using the miSecureMessages Secure Texting App


Every business needs to maintain privacy for their clients’ and consumers’ personal data. For healthcare organizations, securing patient information is required by HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

By encrypting your information, miSecureMessages helps ensure that your data remains confidential.

In this series, we’re posting short snippets of video testimonials from some of our customers. Click on the photo to view the video and read the transcript below. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who agreed to share their experiences on video!

Evelyn Portinari, Director of Operations
Always On Call
Concord, NH

“We find that the miSecure app really holds accountability in comparison to SMS or paging. We can send out an SMS text message but we don't know if they've received it, if they're out of service or an alpha page, if you send that out we're not positive that they've received it.

“miSecure allows us to have the reporting aspect so that we can have accountability. We know that the message was sent out. We know what time the message was received. And it's all time stamped. So we're really able to look into reports or look into if a customer says they didn't receive something. We can go ahead and research that further.

“One of the features that we like most about miSecureMessages is the ease of it. That a client doesn't have to remember to reply back. They can open that message. We are flagged back on our end that they've opened it. We know that they've received that message. And that it's been read. So it's a great way to make sure that their needs are being met.

“For us, in our business, miSecureMessages we use heavily with our medical clients. We use it heavily in our funeral homes and then even in some of our HVAC customers like it. The reason for that is because then the manager of the HVAC company can make sure that those messages are being seen. They can go back and make sure that people are responding to you, in a timely fashion. So you're able to track a lot of things.

“For medical clients they love it for the encryption and the HIPAA, but for all the other markets they love the ease of it. It's very easy to use. It shows accountability to the people who are on call and that's something that our clients are really enjoying.”

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