Infinity and Soft Agent Directories can provide your call management staff with as much, or as little information as they need. In fact, you can determine the scope and depth of information that is required to efficiently handle calls. With Directories, you’ll enhance customer satisfaction by reducing delays and fulfilling requests more quickly.

1Call improves customer satisfaction levels by 50%. 

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Information in Directories can include an unlimited amount of data such as:

  • Names and contact information
  • Office locations
  • Photos and maps
  • Directions 

Create Multiple Directories

You can also create multiple directories for as many subjects as you need, such as:

  • Staff and Physicians
  • Patients (with automatic, real-time updates on patient admissions, discharges, and transfers)
  • Hospital Incident Command System
  • Classes, Policies/ Procedures, and Codes

On-Call Directories

Because directory information is stored in a single location, this allows agents to view all Directory, Contact, Status and On-Call information from one screen. Directories are accessible to everyone via Web-based access, and security can be enabled to protect sensitive information.

Hospital Personnel Directories

Physician and Staff Directories contain on-call and contact methods that can be part of a master directory for the healthcare organization or the directories can be organized departmentally. 

Patient Directories

Patient Information Directories are available to telephone operators and authorized hospital personnel. ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) information is available on a real-time basis and is imported into the patient information directory from the EMR using an HL7 real time data import tool.