Genesis for Clinical Communications

Genesis is the latest advancement in 1Call’s long line of contact center solutions. This all-inclusive healthcare call center software suite provides skills-based automatic call distribution (ACD), built-in speech recognition, text to speech, and voice services to improve call routing and management. Keep metrics with customizable reporting, enhance accountability with call logging and video screen capture, connect remote agents, and manage on-call scheduling.

Virtualize and Scale Your Hospital Communication Systems

Hospital call centers can take advantage of running Genesis in a virtual server environment or in the cloud. Virtual servers allows you to grow without adding additional hardware – saving time and money because less equipment needs to be maintained. Large healthcare systems with multiple hospitals, clinics, and call centers can run on a single virtual server located anywhere in the country – even if they all use different PBX telephone systems.

Genesis Switching Diagram

Intelligent Operator Console Improves Critical Communications

Healthcare operators can be trained quickly and easily, using prompts, lookups and navigation that can be built into database-driven call scripts to automatically guide them through even the most complex care calls. Raise your patient satisfaction scores with increased operator accuracy.

All of the information and tools agents need to complete each call, can be made available on-screen so critical communications are fast and reliable. The look and function of the attendant console is customizable. Various locations or departments can use different colors or layouts to aid in reducing communication errors.

Easy Integration with VoIP PBXs: Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, and Others

The Genesis system integrates with existing telephone carriers and PBX equipment from every major PBX vendor to provide a stand-alone, fully functional call center environment.

Are you an existing 1Call customer who uses an Amtelco Infinity system?

Upgrading to Genesis may be easier than you think and will ultimately save time and money.