With 1Call’s On-Call Scheduling software, healthcare organizations can greatly reduce inaccurate information, scheduling errors, and lost time. Healthcare call center operators and medical staff can instantly contact the correct on-call personnel, and customize shift schedules from virtually anywhere, and best of all, it’s easy to setup and maintain.

Providing Better Patient Care

Physicians, staff, and operators can all use the on-call software and have access to on-call schedules, for accurate enterprise-wide communications. Using Web and mobile access, medical staff have a fast way to create, view, and edit on-call schedules from virtually anywhere – even from their own homes.

Tracking and Reporting for Managers

The on-call schedules are archived for later review. Any schedule changes or overrides are also included, along with a complete audit trail of all schedule updates, and who was notified and at what time. Using the data provided, managers can create quality assurance reports and other custom reports.


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