Accurate and accessible on call scheduling information is paramount to the success of a hospital or healthcare organization. On Call scheduling improves customer service, increases efficiencies and eliminates costly errors. With 1Call’s On Call Scheduling software, healthcare organizations can greatly reduce inaccurate information, scheduling errors and lost time. Today, scheduling has never been so easy. You can instantly contact the correct on-call personnel, and customize your shift’s schedules from anywhere, and best of all, It’s easy to setup and maintain.

1Call will reduce FTE’s and lower the number of operators on duty by as much as 20%. 

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1Call’s On Call Scheduling software for patient scheduling, physician scheduling, and workforce scheduling include:

On Call Scheduling

Because the schedules are automatically updated, call managers will always contact the correct on call physicians and staff. Instantly contact the correct on call personnel, and customize your shift’s schedules from anywhere. 

On Team Workforce Scheduling

Create complex workforce schedules for entire departments in just minutes. Schedule your workforce by the week, month or year. In the past, scheduling processes that would take days are now done accurately in a short period of time.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments for your patients, physicians, clinics, and departments, as well as scheduling personnel, rooms and equipment needed, depending on the type of appointment.