Speech Recognition, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and Call Recording are invaluable voice processing tools used by healthcare organizations. These particular resources are used to increase efficiency, reduce labor and eliminate critical errors.

By utilizing 1Call’s products, hospitals have reduced average call duration by 30%. 

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Voice Logging and Recording

With 1Call’s Call Logging & Voice Recording, hospitals can automatically record all operator engagement with incoming and outgoing calls to help ensure that call management staff is providing the highest quality services. Operator screens are captured along with the audio for future reference. Call Logging and Voice Recording is important for maintaining historical accuracy, for improving quality of service, and as a resource for training new operators.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition in IVR simplifies and speeds phone calls by allowing callers to speak their requests rather than talking to an operator or pressing touch tones. The user-friendly and efficient technology automates calls, making it possible to increase a hospital’s call volume without increasing staff. With as many as 40% of a hospital’s call volume being internal calls to the operator, Speech Recognition can immediately offer substantial labor savings.

Speech Recognition and IVR Directory Assistance

Using Speech Recognition and IVR Directory Assistance, callers simply say a name or department, and the IVR automatically finds the contact. This permits  operators to help other callers. The optional Called Number Announcement capability allows call managers to decide if a caller should hear the number they called before transferring that caller to the appropriate extension. This feature can help save time and keep callers informed if a wrong number is reached.