Web-based applications that are specifically developed for the healthcare industry, such as encrypted secure messaging, care team collaboration, and video healthcare tools, have made telehealth a reality for millions of patients.

Healthcare communication and collaboration is possible with the help of technology to make healthcare more accessible by bringing medical services to the patient.


Healthcare Collaboration

Enhance healthcare collaboration with 1Call’s web-based application, that gives nurses, physicians, and other staff remote access to on-call schedules, staff directories, messages, reports, call logs, and more.

Staff can view, edit, copy, override, assign, and unassign schedules in real-time; use directories to quickly find and contact staff (titles, departments, office hours, and preferred contact method displayed); and use the reporting function to track, view, and print communications (with complete and accurate statistics).


Healthcare Communication

Our secure, mobile healthcare communication app helps care teams easily collaborate by sending and receiving encrypted text, photo, audio, and video content, via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Unlike SMS text messages, 1Call’s healthcare communication app encrypts messages to keep patient’s protected health information (PHI) secure. To ensure privacy, messages are not stored on devices, passcodes or fingerprint scans can be required, and access to the app can be remotely disabled.

Video Healthcare

Patients can use video healthcare to visit a provider via virtual appointments online. The video healthcare platform connects callers to a portal where if needed, interpreting services in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), can be utilized, then securely connects to a provider. In some behavioral health cases, instant secure video access to psychiatrists is available to help defuse crises situations and prevent unnecessary admissions.

Video healthcare offers additional services to medical staff such as 24/7 organ transplant referrals for primary care physicians and partner organizations, and on-demand, 24/7 access to clinicians in skilled nursing, hospice, and home care to prevent readmissions.


Virtual Agent

Medical call centers effectively become an extension of a hospital or healthcare center’s operations, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our web-based virtual agent software, can turn any personal computer into a professional medical call center agent’s workstation, accessible via the Internet or a hospital’s local intranet. All of the tools used by an agent in a call center are accessible to the virtual agent.