Medical call centers are the communication hubs for hospitals and clinics. Call analytics provide data to help improve a variety of service metrics to streamline workflows and increase patient satisfaction.

Because calls, messages, screen capture images, and more can be recorded, tracked, time-stamped, and stored, data from call centers can also help protect both patients and hospitals in litigious situations.


Call Report

Call reports are generated using Crystal Reports, which is incorporated with 1Call’s reporting function. These reports compile the detailed statistical information recorded by the Genesis switch and present it in a variety of easy-to-understand formats.

Crystal Reports is widely used in the call center industry. Call reports can be run as needed in real-time or scheduled to run hourly, weekly, daily, or monthly on specified days and times.

Call Metrics


Many common reports about call metrics are included with 1Call’s system. These reports can be used just as they are or as starting templates for creating customized, color-coded reports.

Some call metric information that is available for detail reporting include:

  • Agent Call Activity - A view of agent calls grouped by call ID or agent name. The report includes call start and times, duration, ring, hold, talk, disconnect and conference time. Call IDs for system abandons are displayed in red text.
  • Call Completion - A detailed list that shows information about how calls coming into the system were completed.
  • Call Dispatch - Provides dispatch and call information for tracking call time and dispatch time for dispatch jobs.
  • Call Traffic - An interval-based assessment of live call traffic to help gauge call volume and agent staffing.
  • Call Type - A list of call types, durations, and completion codes.