Emergency management in a hospital setting is complicated. Many types of emergency situations can confront hospital staff and response time is critical. Seconds matter and so do the number of clicks it takes to send out emergency notifications to multiple contacts and devices.


Emergency Code Calls

1Call’s emergency notification system automates the transmission of critical alerts and integrates with the existing technology used by hospitals to streamline emergency alert systems - helping hospitals ensure that every resource, from the most advanced piece of medical equipment to essential personnel, is utilized for quick emergency response.


Mass Notifications

Non-emergency situations that require mass notifications such as staff meetings, special events, reminders, and other routine alerts can also be done with 1Call’s notification system. Notifications can be delivered as emails, secure messaging (such as 1Call’s HIPAA-compliant miSecureMessages app), SMS text messages, automated phone calls to cell phones and landlines, paging, and faxing.