With 1Call’s Scheduling solution, you can easily create schedules for any department, for any day, week or month, with incredible accuracy. Keeping the information up to date is simple and instantaneous. By utilizing 1Call’s robust and comprehensive scheduling modules, your entire healthcare workforce can be scheduled in seconds. From on-call scheduling to inter-department scheduling, physicians, supervisors and staff can access, update and change schedules remotely through the Internet or through your network via a web-based browser.

Our 1Call solution provides us with easy, accurate with up to date information. Changes and additions are immediately available to anyone who has access. The audit trail is extremely valuable along with the ability to archive schedules. We use Web On Call at Salina Regional Health Center for our answering service clients as well as the hospital department on call staff. The best part is that each client and department are responsible for putting in the schedule themselves.

— Gail Russell
Director of Telecommunications & Physician Answering Service

On Call Scheduling

On Call, Patient, Physician and Workforce Scheduling

Accurate and accessible scheduling information is paramount to the success of a hospital or health care organization. Scheduling improves customer service, increases efficiencies and eliminates costly errors. With 1Call’s Scheduling modules, healthcare organizations can greatly reduce inaccurate information, scheduling errors and lost time.