Security, privacy, and speed of message delivery are becoming critical to managing workflows in a hospital. Keeping your data safe and eliminating outside access to your information is more important than ever, particularly because mobile devices are being used to quickly make decisions – from virtually anywhere. miSecureMessages is an integral part of 1Call’s Secure Communications solution and functions as a secure messaging platform that is easy to use, and meets the security standards for healthcare organizations that employ a mobile workforce. miSecureMessages was initially developed for hospitals to meet strict HIPAA secure messaging standards. Healthcare organizations that use email and SMS text messaging risk HIPAA-related fines. miSecureMessages encrypts and secures text messages that include protected health information (PHI), ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Hipaa Compliant Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

Healthcare organizations need to maintain privacy of their clients’ personal data. For hospitals, securing patient information is required by HIPAA and HITECH regulations. By encrypting your information, 1Call’s miSecureMessages helps ensure that the data remains confidential.