1Call’s on-call scheduling solution makes it easy to create, view, and update schedule coverage for any department, for any day, week, or month. Our on-call scheduling software provides an incredibly accurate, flexibile, and simple healthcare scheduling process, with the ability to modify schedules, easily dispatch messages to schedule contacts, and so much more.

This on-call software is ideal for use in large, medium, or small hospitals, clinics, physician groups, and other practices. Physicians, supervisors, and staff can access, update, and change schedules remotely through web and mobile access.

Our 1Call solution is easy and provides us with accurate, up-to-date information. Changes and additions are immediately available to anyone who has access. The audit trail is extremely valuable along with the ability to archive schedules. We use Web On-Call at Salina Regional Health Center for our answering service clients, as well as the hospital department on-call staff. The best part is that each client and department are responsible for putting in the schedule themselves.


Group of photos with a nurse, doctor, and patient illustrating the benefits of on-call healthcare scheduling.

Benefits of On-Call Healthcare Scheduling

Accurate and accessible on-call scheduling information is paramount for providing better patient care, improving workflows, increasing efficiencies, reducing costly errors, and for the overall success of a hospital or healthcare organization.

  • Managers are notified in advance about unfilled schedules.
  • Departments and clinics can enter and update their own schedules.
  • On-call schedules can be added to personal and mobile calendars.
  • Provide separate schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors.
  • Automated, real-time updates.

On-Call Scheduling Software

Reliable on-call scheduling software can greatly reduce inaccurate information, scheduling errors, and lost time. Healthcare call center operators and medical staff are able to instantly contact the correct on-call personnel, using their desired contact methods, and customize shift schedules from virtually anywhere. Best of all, the software makes on-call healthcare scheduling easy to setup and maintain.

Physicians, staff, and operators can all use the on-call software and have access to on-call schedules, for accurate enterprise-wide communications. Using web and mobile access, medical staff have a fast way to create, view, and edit on-call schedules from virtually anywhere – even from their own homes.

Doctor at home checks her on-call schedule.

Online On-Call Scheduling

On-call scheduling can be done online by staff who are working from home. Staff who need remote access to their schedule can do so via the internet. Online on-call scheduling enables users to:

  • Access their on-call assignments.
  • Assign or request their own on-call assignments.
  • View on-call assignments for a specific day, week, or month.
  • Show information about on-call assignments for selected roles.
  • Swap shifts with one another.
  • Filter schedules in the on-call roster.
  • Search for a specific contact or role.
  • Search for assigned or unassigned shifts.
  • View additional information about daily, weekly, or monthly coverage.
  • Save on-call schedules as a PDF.

Tracking and Reporting with On-Call Software

The on-call schedules are archived for later review. Any schedule changes or overrides are also included, along with a complete audit trail of all schedule updates, and who was notified and at what time. Using the data provided, managers can create quality assurance reports and other custom reports