1Call’s Intelligent Series Operator Console reduces call answering and transferring times through advanced technologies that eliminate operator keystrokes. If callers become increasingly impatient, Intelligent Series Operator Console becomes increasingly resourceful with innovative call center features such as Genesis & Soft Agent, Directories, On Call Scheduling, Call Flow Scripting, Secure Communications, Voice Logging & Recording, Conference Bridge, and Reporting improve workflows, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce training times, eliminate errors, and reduce labor costs.

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Call Center

Streamline Medical Call Center Efficiencies

If you’re looking to streamline your hospital-wide communications and support critical communications, while adding efficiencies and benefits, look no further. 1Call’s Infinity Hospital Call Center and Soft Agent Intelligent Series Operator Console call management systems are healthcare’s choice for improved customer satisfaction and reduced call handling errors. 


Web-Based Personnel Directory

Our Intelligence Series Operator Console uses a Web-Based Directory to expand the type of information that can be stored without switching screens or pressing buttons. Provide your call center staff with as much, or as little information as they need. Managers and system administrators can determine the scope and depth of information that is required to efficiently handle calls to enhance the patient experience by reducing delays and fulfilling requests more quickly.

Operators viewing the Personnel Directory can quickly see detailed information about staff members, contact information, preferred contact methods, on-call schedules, referral information and virtually any information your hospital might require is entered in one place.


Benefits of On-Call Scheduling

Accurate and accessible on-call scheduling information is paramount for providing better patient care, improving workflows, increasing efficiencies, eliminating costly errors, and for the overall success of a hospital or healthcare organization.

  • Managers are notified in advance about unfilled schedules.
  • On-call schedules can be added to personal and mobile calendars.
  • Provide separate schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors.
  • Automated, real-time updates.

Intuitive and Customizable Call Flow Scripting

1Call features Intuitive Call Flow Navigation that easily guides your agents through each call, and provides them with a customized script with the exact information they need, at the precise time they need it. Our Scripting solution is the only one in the industry and is renowned for being intuitive and proactive.


Virtualize and Scale Your Hospital Communication Systems

Genesis Switching Diagram

Virtualize and Scale Your Hospital Communication Systems with Genesis

Genesis is the latest advancement in 1Call’s long line of contact center solutions. This all-inclusive healthcare call center software enables hospital call centers to take advantage of running Genesis in a virtual server environment or in the cloud. Virtual servers allow you to grow without adding additional hardware and cloud deployment moves the call center platform to a cloud provider such as Amazon or Microsoft which shifts the responsibility for server management to the cloud provider.

Hipaa Compliant Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

Clinical staff can use our HIPAA-compliant messaging app to send texts, photos, videos, audio, use a voice-to-text mode (users can speak a message into their device and it automatically converts into text), and have peace of mind with the following safety features:

  • Fingerprint Access Technology and/or Unique Passcodes
  • Doesn’t Store Messages on Device
  • Remote Disabling (if lost or stolen)



Call Management

Effective call management saves time and labor costs. 1Call’s automatic greeting, voice-activated menu navigation, and directory assistance technology can efficiently assist callers before they even speak with a live operator, and has shown to reduce the number of calls an operator receives by up to 40%.

Automated queue announcements inform callers of the estimated time it will take for their call to be answered and offer a choice to hold or be called back via caller ID or another number. When connecting to a live operator, solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, utilize caller data and behavior to predict the needs of the caller, auto-fill information, and present that information to the operator to expedite calls.

Additional tools that improve call flows include text-to-speech and speech recognition software to more easily communicate with callers. Secure, smart messaging enables clinical personnel to contact each other without involving an operator, and smart check-in gives them control to change their status and contact preferences. These tools are also web and mobile-enabled.



Conference Bridge

Robust Conference Bridge

When healthcare organizations use their existing telephony, the Conference Bridge solution from 1Call is a powerful, multi-party conferencing resource, complete with premium voice quality. Conference Bridge is a resource that no hospital should be without.


Proactive Risk Management Through Reporting

Hospital staff can create Quality Assurance Reports and other customized reports to help run a more efficient call center. With 1Call’s Reporting Dashboard, managers can review real-time graphical information regarding all aspects of the Infinity ISbased call center. The Reporting Dashboard can be configured to display the information important to the call center such as current call types, average time to answer, operators, waits, and more.