How Directories Help

In healthcare, getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time, can be life-saving. Critical contact information needs to be correct and easily accessible so operators can help medical staff provide the best patient care.

Directories simplify and enhance this process by providing:

  • Operator and web-based access to all directory information
  • Enhanced visual display with graphics and web content
  • Single point of entry for all directory, contact, and on-call information
  • Unlimited expansion capabilities
  • Easy import of data to directories to minimize time spent on data entry

Web-Based Personnel Directory

Our Intelligence Series Operator Console uses a Web-Based Directory to expand the type of information that can be stored without switching screens or pressing buttons. Provide your call center staff with as much, or as little information as they need. Managers and system administrators can determine the scope and depth of information that is required to efficiently handle calls to enhance the patient experience by reducing delays and fulfilling requests more quickly.

Operators viewing the Personnel Directory can quickly see detailed information about staff members, contact information, preferred contact methods, on-call schedules, referral information and virtually any information your hospital might require is entered in one place.

Upgrade or Switch to a New Directory

Most healthcare organizations are, understandably, concerned about the amount of data that needs to be transferred to switch or upgrade to a new directory. We use our Intelligence Series (IS) Transformer tool to make that process much simpler and less time consuming. Watch the video below for a quick explanation and contact us today for more information.