Cost of Missed Appointments

Patient no-show rates can range anywhere from 5-30% or more. Estimates indicate that no-shows cost the U.S. healthcare industry $150+ billion a year and individual physicians an average of $200 per unused appointment. Hospitals and medical practices still incur expenses related to each missed appointment. Nurses, doctors, technologists, and equipment that were scheduled to work with a no-show patient not only lose valuable time, but when a patient misses their appointment, their continuty of care is interrupted and it can have a negative impact on their health. 

1Call’s Appointment Reminders provide a HIPAA-compliant, customizable solution for healthcare organizations, so you can help your patients remember their appointments. Appointment reminders save time and money, increases staff productivity, and reduces the incidence of missed appointments.

We actually dropped no shows from 9% to 1%…and we dropped the wait list from 9 months to 3 months using 1Call medical appointment reminders. The second word got out about the impact we had made with appointment reminders, we had people lined up down the block. Everyone wanted the same thing

— Betty Bouchie
Senior Systems Analyst for Nova Scotia Health Authority

Automated Appointment Reminders

1Call’s automated appointment reminders streamlines the process of notifying patients about upcoming appointments and can improve your organization’s appointment no-show rate. Patients can easily reschedule appointments when responding to the appointment reminder. Because the HIPAA-compliant reminders can be sent days in advanced at predetermined times, and repeated if necessary, there is time to move patients from a wait list and into the open appointment time.

Concept of 1Call's enhanced appointment confirmation process with a patient rescheduling her medical appointment and a person using the time slot for his appointment.

Enhanced Appointment Confirmation

Before initiating a reminder, the system can verify if the recipient is on a “Do Not Call” list, if multiple appointments are scheduled for the same day, and if an appointment is for an adult or child.

When a patient receives an appointment reminder and needs to reschedule, they can respond to the message and connect to the scheduling desk.