Cost of Missed Appointments

Patient no-show rates can range anywhere from 5-30% or more. Estimates indicate that no-shows cost the U.S. healthcare industry $150+ billion a year. Each time your office experiences a patient no-show, there is a loss of service for the nurses, doctors, technologists, and equipment because all involved were scheduled to work with that patient.

1Call’s Appointment Reminders provide a HIPAA-compliant, customizable solution for healthcare organizations, so you can help your patients remember their appointments. Appointment reminders save time and money, increases staff productivity, and reduces the incidence of missed appointments.

...we actually dropped no shows from 9% to 1%…and we dropped the wait list from 9 months to 3 months using 1Call medical appointment reminders.”

— Betty Bouchie
Senior Systems Analyst for Capital Health Voice Services, Nova Scotia

Improve Patient Experience

Patients can easily reschedule appointments when responding to the appointment reminder. Because the reminder is sent days in advance of the appointment, there is time to move patients from a wait list and into the open appointment time.