Hospitals of all sizes have found that 1Call’s voice services solutions help them increase efficiencies within their call center operations. Customizable modules such as speech recognition, interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, screen recording, text-to-speech, speech-enabled directory assistance, voice-enabled smartpaging and status updates, called number announcement, automatic call distributor (ACD) functions, and reporting are improving call management and reducing errors.

Call Center Training

These call management modules also reduce the time it takes for new operators to complete call center training. One of our customers, a major healthcare organization in the Mid-West, was able to streamline their call center hiring process and consolidated over 10 hospitals and 100 clinics, with 150 operators (who answered 2+ million calls in 2018), using our healthcare-specific applications.

The 1Call software allows our organization to bring in new hires with no healthcare experience, and quickly train them to be qualified representatives to patients. In our experience, these people often move into other positions of importance within our organization.


Call Management

Effective call management saves time and labor costs. 1Call’s automatic greeting, voice-activated menu navigation, and directory assistance technology can efficiently assist callers before they even speak with a live operator, and has shown to reduce the number of calls an operator receives by up to 40%.

Automated queue announcements inform callers of the estimated time it will take for their call to be answered and offer a choice to hold or be called back via caller ID or another number. When connecting to a live operator, solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, utilize caller data and behavior to predict the needs of the caller, auto-fill information, and present that information to the operator to expedite calls.

Additional tools that improve call flows include text-to-speech and speech recognition software to more easily communicate with callers. Secure, smart messaging enables clinical personnel to contact each other without involving an operator, and smart check-in gives them control to change their status and contact preferences. These tools are also web and mobile-enabled.



Audit Trail


It is critical for hospital call centers to provide accurate and timely reports for managers and other organizations, continuous quality improvement, training purposes, and as documented proof if legal concerns arise. 1Call provides a comprehensive audit trail with call recording, screen recording/capture, call logging, and the ability to store all of the data and call center analytics.