Hospital staff must be able to access the information they need at any time from virtually any place - it’s a fundamental and critical part of any healthcare organization’s communication protocol. Web-based communication is fast, secure, and improves communication times, adds efficiencies through remote access, and reduces the number of potential errors caused by miscommunication and absences.


Remote Operators | Virtual Operators

Our virtual operator application makes working from home easy. It’s a scalable, fully functioning call handling application that transforms any personal computer into a professional telephone agent station which can be accessed through the Internet or hospital’s local intranet.

A VPN connection is established for remote operators to ensure their connection is secure. Once agents are connected to the VPN, they can create their remote agent connection for data and audio. The data connection can be established via direct connection, remote desktop, thin client, Citrix, and VDI; and an audio connection via integrated audio or external audio.

Custom call center agent scripting is easily programmed and updated to guide operators through each call no matter where they are located. Remote operators are provided with the exact information they need to provide the best patient experience and reduce call center error rates.


Care Team Collaboration

With 1Call’s mobile-friendly team collaboration application, nurses, physicians and other staff can remotely access on-call schedules, directories, messages, reports, telephone scripts, and even historical call management data quickly and efficiently either through the Internet or through a healthcare organization’s internal networks.

Enterprise access to our communication tools improves team collaboration workflows because clinical staff can find the information they need on their own, without interrupting co-workers or employees in other departments. Customizable user-interface screens provide fast access to information they use the most.


Mobile Web App

Secure organizational communication is crucial for protecting patients, medical staff, and hospital organizations. Our mobile web app sends secure text, photo, audio, and video content and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even desktop computers. The app simplifies healthcare communications to ensure fast, reliable, encrypted communications to enhance care team collaboration and provide better patient care, and speed the process of patient admissions, lab results, patient transport, and more.

Our app is available as either a secure cloud-based or on-premise solution, allowing users to send messages from device to device, from the cloud, or directly from a hospital call center. The app uses both WiFi and 3G/4G technology to ensure messages are sent and received from virtually anywhere.


Virtual Healthcare

Cloud-based telehealth provides instant access to healthcare specialists via live, secure video conference. Remote healthcare is available across complex ecosystems and seamlessly delivered into almost any care setting.