1Call Training and Customer Support

Interviews of 1Call customers discussing Amtelco's customer service and training.

Alicia Wise: I've worked with various vendors in the past, for different software features, and I have found that Amtelco, the training and service departments are far superior to a lot of their competitors and to a lot of other vendors. You immediately receive a response when you initiate a call, whether it's by phone or by email. You have someone call you right back. There's just no comparison. They're friendly, you know people by name, and it's just a great company to do business with.

Kathy Mealer: Oh, they've been fantastic. They have been more of a business partner than I think any vendor I've ever dealt with, and I've worked in IT for 31 years.

Linda Bigley: Our experience with Amtelco trainers has been phenomenal. One of the things that is paramount to us is to have someone that understands and then to be able to translate that into the format in which we need. That's what we have found, that our trainers understand what we're saying and how we can build on that to do that.

Rossi Fraenkel: In general, a lot of people do rely on the trainers because they do provide great quality. Amtelco's service department, I know them all personally and they all provide really great work. It's one of the things that I love about working with Amtelco is that they're a small company and work with them, you can tell that they do care about your problem and that they're willing to listen to you no matter what your request is.

Luke Barthel: We had a little project tying our nurse call system, our Rauland, to the Amtelco and it took a couple different vendors and several hours of conference call with Amtelco and our Rauland nurse call vendor. Amtelco was very professional and helped us out a great deal working with another third party vendor to get that interface to happen, that TAP protocol to go through. It's been a great efficiency for us.

Jody Williams: Working with the trainers and the field service has been great. When we first started, I couldn't imagine how we'd be able to work with trainers when they're so far away. But whenever we call, most of the time it's just an email back with an answer, and that's all we need. If we need something more hands on, they can remote into my station and they can see what I see. It's been really helpful.

Linda Bigley: As far as service, I think that Amtelco does a great job of service remote.

Jody Williams: We had a situation on Sunday. It was about 10:00 at night. I get an email from the agents who were there, and something's not working right. I called after hours. I expected to wait 30, 40 minutes. I think it was four or five minutes later that I got a call back, so that was really great.

Linda Bigley: So it's very encouraging that availability, responsiveness, access, all of those things that we need when we're in a maintenance issue, that they're resolved very quickly. They've done an outstanding job with that over the years.

Mary Hutchinson: You know, we've had Michael Quimby come out a couple different times for training, and he has been marvelous, great to work with, very patient with organizations that don't like to change very quickly. So just continues to give us bumps and move us along. It's been absolutely terrific.

Rossi Fraenkel: Sometimes when you work with a lot of larger vendors, you're put in a queue and you're not going to get great service. Maybe next week they'll get back to you. But with Amtelco, if it's an emergency, they're going to get back to you right away, when you need the help. You do your best to respect that and to keep that relationship prioritized in working with them.

Kathy Mealer: They have treated our customers, our end users, with the utmost respect. They understand that it's a difficult process, a lot of change, and they've tried their best to make it as easy as possible. It's been so helpful.

Holly Ritchison: I can't say enough about Amtelco overall. I've worked with them for many years. But their service and training department is just really awesome. I'm kind of one of those people who I need an answer right now. I'm working on something and I don't want to wait. I can send an email to service@amtelco and within two minutes I'm getting a response to my email or a phone call. I think that's just incredible in this day and age.

Customer Service

Each 1Call system comes with the benefit of AMTELCO’s years of experience in the field of call handling and messaging. Thousands of 1Call and AMTELCO systems are in operation around the world, 24 hours each day.

We encourage each organization to work closely with our team of consultants and engineers through each phase of system planning, configuration, and implementation. This helps ensure that your 1Call systems are at their optimum performance levels to meet all the communication needs of your organization.

Assistance for your 1Call systems is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A one-year support agreement is included with each 1Call system, giving customers a toll-free number to call, as well as unlimited access to AMTELCO’s Tech Helper Site to download manuals, software updates, and much more.

* AMTELCO Satisfaction Research Study conducted by TMA+Peritus, February 2015.

Support Requests

TechHelper - Service Contract Customers

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Technical Assistance
Call 800.553.7679 and enter your identification code. Technicians instantly see your organization’s specific information, making it possible to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

1Call Resource Library

The AMTELCO Video Library provides many tools to simplify account set-up, reduce training time and get great programming ideas. This is the first such library in the industry and is a great benefit for AMTELCO customers. Training operators has never been easier with detailed videos that they can watch any time, night or day. You can pause, rewind, take notes, all at your convenience. This makes the transition during software upgrades much smoother and easier. It also helps you take advantage of the full potential of all the powerful Infinity, Infinity Intelligent Series and eCreator features and applications.